Empowering Healthy Lives

Health: Crisis/ Safety Net

GOAL: To prevent or respond to crisis situations in a person’s life and prevent them from escalating and having a long term negative impact on the individual, their family and their community.  Crisis areas could include: Basic needs, mental/behavioral health, physical health and individual and community safety.


  • 23% increase from 2012 in face-to-face crisis calls handled by Mind Springs Health 43 completed suicides in Routt County since 2008 (5 in 2013) (REPS)
  • 247 un-duplicated victim services in 2013 provided by Advocates Building Peaceful Communities
  • 40 founded child abuse reports in Routt County in 2013 (1 fata1 report) (Routt County Department of Human Services)


  • People get help when they need it: Emergency care response team to 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • We trained 1,134 community members on suicide prevention. More community members can recognize the signs of a potential suicide and get people to safety.
  • People in unsafe situations were moved to safety.  Our local shelter was used 1,117 nights in 2013.







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