Our Work

Our Mission

To inspire, lead and unite people ideas and resources to advance community impact in education income stability and health.

Rout County United Way envisions our communities where all children and adults succeed through education, income stability and healthy lives.
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Programs & Initiatives

How we impact Routt County Communities

Programs & Grants

In 2013, Routt County United Way was responsible for $457,144 invested in Routt County through our grants and the programs we provide the community.

Routt County United Way Holiday Wishes Program
Routt County United Way Community Thanksgiving Dinner
Routt County Bridges Initiative (anti-poverty program)
Yampa Valley Volunteer Coordination Center
Routt County United Way Day of Caring

100% of donations stay in Routt County to improve lives for our residents.

Through grants, Routt County United Way supports more than 40 agencies and human service programs in Routt County. These agencies and programs help infants, the elderly, families, youth and those with special needs.

Any non-profit agency that addresses the human service needs of Routt County residents can apply for United Way funding.

Human Resource Coalition

Routt County United Way provides leadership support for the Human Resource Coalition, a network of health and human service professionals that work collectively to address community problems.

The coalition also assists Routt County and the City of Steamboat Springs in allocating public funds where most needed.

Routt County United Way led the way to develop the first Routt County Health and Human Services Plan, identifying human service needs, priorities and goals based on data about our county.

Health & Human Service Plan

The first Routt County health and human service plan was published in 2011 and had a three year life. The enclosed is a revised, updated plan to include our accomplishments from the last three years and our goals for the next three years. We have divided the health and human service sector into five mission areas: basic needs, early childhood, youth services, community safety and health and behavioral health services. We included special populations such as English language learners, disabled or developmental
disabled, and our aging populations into all five mission areas.

Our Strategy: Advancing the Common Good

We believe all citizens deserve to have the building blocks for a good quality life


Helping Kids Succeed

Early Childhood Education Programs
At-Risk Youth Programs


Stabilizing Families

Income Stability Programs


Empowering Healthy Lives

Supporting people in crisis/emergency situations

“The Routt County United Way is a strong organization that provides necessary funding and resources to the non profits in our county. One of the greatest resources that RCUW offers is the development of cooperative relationships among the providers in the non profit community! This relationship building and sharing of resources supports our non profits in providing exemplary services to many of the neediest populations including children and adults in our community. RCUW is a recognized non profit leader in Routt County!!”

Jane Toothaker, Educational Consultant