Financial Accountability

Making an Impact in Routt County

Every dollar donated to Routt County United Way stays in Routt County. Routt County United Way invests in the best programs in the Hayden, Oak Creek, Yampa, Stagecoach, Clark, and Steamboat communities to support people throughout the circle of life.

Through grants to our partners and United Way programs, your contribution impacts Routt County in four goal areas:

  • 36% School Readiness/Early Childhood Education for our children
  • 36% Youth Success/At-risk youth
  • 20% Healthy & Crisis Services
  • 7% Financial Stability

Trained staff and board members measure program investments against quality standards, make on-site visits, study issues and make investment decisions.

Making the most of each donated dollar

In the 2017-2018 fiscal year, 91 cents of every dollar donated went directly to the agencies, programs and events that impact your neighbors’ lives.

During the same period, 7 cents of every dollar was used for fundraising and campaigns, 2 cents was used for administrative purposes.

Routt County United Way surpasses virtually every standard, including the Better Business Bureau’s 35% overhead recommendations.

What are United Way’s overhead and administrative costs?

United Way Worldwide is the leadership and support organization for the nearly 1,800 local United Ways in 40 countries around the globe. UW Worldwide’s work is supported by the 1% membership fee paid by United Way’s local grant support work in our community through Routt County United Way. We are a separately incorporated non-profit with our own CEO and Boards of Directors.

Overhead rates vary at local United Ways.  The overall United Way system’s administration/overhead rate in the U.S. of 13.8% remains extremely competitive with the top 100 nonprofits in the U.S., and is well below industry standards and recommendations (such as the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance at 35% and the Office of Personnel Management/OPM at 25%). Moreover, United Way helps dozens of other non-profits maintain low overhead rates.

RCUW budgeted overhead & fundraising rate for 2019 is 10%.

Detailed financial reports