Imagination Library

Every Child Deserves A World Full Of Books

What is the Imagination Library?

The Imagination Library is an early literacy program being introduced to Routt County by Routt County United Way’s leadership giving affinity group, Women United. The program is available to all 1,350 Routt County children, who are currently between the ages of birth to five. Each child will receive 60 age appropriate books over the course of five years. The books are hand-selected by a panel of early literacy professionals as a program of the Dollywood Foundation. The selection of books even include a few bilingual titles.

Why Routt County?

In 2016, statistics for our county revealed that nearly 40% of our children are not ready for kindergarten in literacy. This includes basic reading skills and book handling skills.

How Does The Program Work?

Families enroll their children at birth, or after birth, through Routt County United Way. Every month until age 5, a free age appropriate book is mailed directly to the child’s home with the child’s name on the envelope. The child will have the free opportunity to build their own library with books of their own.


Why Begin So Early?

Books in the home have been consistently proven to be an indicator of a child’s academic success. During the a child’s years of birth to age five, this time is considered a very important developmental period for a child’s brain. Substantial research links the importance of early literacy to children’s future success in school and career. The Imagination Library provides the resources necessary to every child in Routt County in order for them to develop the skill necessary for success. Research also shows between 66% and 75% of families read more to their children after receiving the Imagination Library books. Most importantly, children develop a lifelong love of learning and reading.

We currently have more than 475 Routt County children registered to receive Free books!


How can you help?

  • $25 supports one child for one year, supplying the child with 12 books.
  • $125 supports one child from birth to age 5, supplying the child with all 60 books.
  • $1,250 supports ten children from birth to age 5, supplying each of the ten children with all 60 books.

Give the gift of literacy to local Routt County children by Clicking Here to supply a child with books today.

Thanks to our community partners and grant sponsorships for supporting the Imagination Library in Routt County.