Routt to Work Initiative


Bridges Out of Poverty has become Routt to Work While the basic goals of the initiative will remain the same, the change allows for more programming flexibility to meet the specific needs of our communities.


To increase the economic mobility of Routt County’s low income families.


A vibrant and united community comprised of a healthy families and a productive workforce.

In 2011, Routt County United Way, along with Lift-Up of Routt County and the Routt County Department of Human Services, launched the Bridges Initiative, using the national Bridges Out of Poverty model, to give local families the resources they need to escape poverty. In 2015, the initiative changed to Routt to Work to focus on challenges faced by our communities, specifically getting people into stable employment.

Several times each year, the Routt to Work Initiative offers a 17-session, 10-week upward economic mobility class to about a dozen people. The class teaches:

  • financial literacy
  • resource availability
  • independence from public assistance.

One of the new training modules will include an executive function curriculum which will address decision making skills with regards to employment. Topics may include basic work skills, ways to address transportation issues, interview skills, and negotiation skills.

In addition, the initiative offers annual community framework training to help business leaders and other community members in Routt County better understand the challenges and experiences of the working poor in our communities.

In the past three years, 38 people have graduated from the Bridges Out of Poverty class and are on their working on the plans they developed in class.