Early Childhood Education

GOAL: Every child is school ready in literacy.

We believe:

  • All families should have access to adequate childcare
  • All families should have access to sufficient resources to help pay for childcare
  • All children should have access to quality Pre-K experiences.


  • At any given time there are only 40 slots for infant child center care in Routt County for approximately 450 babies. (Family Development Center)
  • 90 to 100% chance of developmental delays when children experience 5 to 6¬† risk factors. (Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University)


  • RCUW has provided $1.2 million to early childhood education since 2000.
  • Last year 90 at-risk, low income children were able to enroll in early childhood education
  • 97% of 4 year olds in Routt County who are attending early learning programs are ready for Kindergarten (First Impressions of Routt County)