Financial Stability | Stabilizing Families

Routt County United Way fights for the financial stability of every person in Routt County, helping to ensure that every family and individual are self-sufficient.


  • 1 in 10 households in Routt County live at or below 130% of poverty level based on Medicaid and CHIP + numbers. (Routt County Department of Human Services)
  • 2,353 people were served for basic needs in 2013


  • We graduated 9 out of 12 graduates in the Getting’ Ahead in a just Getting By World class last spring.  The nine graduates are well on their way to working their plans they developed in class.
  • In spring 2014 there are 19 adults in the Getting’ Ahead Class determined to change their lives.
  • The Bridges out of Poverty Getting’ Ahead class teaches financial literacy, resources availability and independence from public assistance.


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