Financial Stability | Stabilizing Families

Routt County United Way fights for the financial stability of every person in Routt County, helping to ensure that every family and individual are self-sufficient.


  • 1 in 10 households in Routt County live at or below 130% of poverty level based on Medicaid and CHIP + numbers. (Routt County Department of Human Services)
  • 2,353 people were served for basic needs in 2013


  • We graduated 9 out of 12 graduates in the Getting’ Ahead in a just Getting By World class last spring.  The nine graduates are well on their way to working their plans they developed in class.
  • In spring 2014 there are 19 adults in the Getting’ Ahead Class determined to change their lives.
  • Routt-to-Work successfully teaches financial literacy, resources availability, and independence from public assistance.

$28,500 FUNDED IN 2018 to programs like Routt-to-Work, which is the community go-to resource for individuals and families who want to move towards a better life. Theirmission  is to educate and engage individuals working to achieve goals of personal well-being, financial stability, and community connectedness.


Lina is a native Coloradan who has resided in Routt County for 20 years. As a daughter of poverty that had affected multiple generations, Lina did not have the life or career-skills to successfully care for her two daughters. She describes what is called the “cliff effect:” Low-income families may qualify for “work support” benefits (e.g., earned income tax credits, Medicaid, child care assistance) that help cover the cost of basic necessities. HOWEVER, as earnings increase, families begin to lose these benefits. THE RESULT? “Parents can earn more without improving their financial situation” ( And for Lina, that was true: she gained a part-time job at LiftUp for $10/hour that, along with Department of Human Service benefits, helped her get by – however, when she gained full-time employment, she lost all benefits! She was struggling day-to-day to pay bills and provide food and clothing for her children. Then Lina found the Routt-to-Work program, through which she has worked with a financial mentor to help set and manage
a budget, so that she could survive paycheck-to-paycheck, instead of just being able to survive day-to-day. In her words, “It was so impactful to have someone simply to walk along beside me every step of the way. I no longer felt alone.” Now Lina has worked her way up and is a manager at LiftUp and is working on obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration


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