FREE TRAINING: Vicarious Trauma


Understanding Vicarious Trauma: Why Do I Feel so Bad?

Instructors: Colorado Victims Assistance

Who is the training for?

This training is for the service provider, law enforcement officer, district attorney, or others who may vicariously experience the pain, hurt, fear, frustration, and trauma of those they are helping. Those who care about people are at a higher risk to experience vicarious trauma. With time and repeated exposure, providers can experience functioning out of the range of what is considered “normal.”  Providers supporting victims of trauma can begin to experience the symptoms of vicarious trauma.

What is covered?

Vicarious trauma is a natural behavior and feeling which results from knowing about a traumatic event experienced by another person. This training identifies the symptoms and results of trauma and vicarious trauma. It assists each participant to evaluate his or her current level of coping ability. It explores new tools to reduce the impact and incidence of vicarious trauma. Vicarious trauma isn’t a question of “if,” but rather a “when.”

Expected Outcomes

Participants will be able to recognize vicarious trauma. They will identify ways in which individuals and organizations can respond.

Please RSVP with Brian Bradbury at the Steamboat Workforce Center by phone 970.879.3075 or email

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