Health & Crisis | Ensuring that everyone is health and safe

Routt County United Way fights for the health and safety of every person in Routt County, ensuring that every individual is healthy and safe and has access to crisis services when needed.


  • 23% increase from 2012 in face-to-face crisis calls handled by Mind Springs Health 43 completed suicides in Routt County since 2008 (5 in 2013) (REPS)
  • 247 un-duplicated victim services in 2013 provided by Advocates Building Peaceful Communities
  • 40 founded child abuse reports in Routt County in 2013 (1 fata1 report) (Routt County Department of Human Services)


  • People get help when they need it: Emergency care response team to 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • We trained 1,134 community members on suicide prevention. More community members can recognize the signs of a potential suicide and get people to safety.
  • People in unsafe situations were moved to safety.  Our local shelter was used 1,117 nights in 2013.
  • Provide 2-1-1 help line support where 84 residents did not know where to turn for health and human services.
  • Promoted Familywize discount medicine cards where Routt County residents saved more than $3,000 in prescription drug costs.







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