Legacy Fund FAQs

What is the Mount Zirkel Legacy Fund?

The Mount Zirkel Legacy Fund is an endowment fund from which regular withdrawals of earnings are used to support Routt County United Way’s (RCUW) operations. It is funded by donations that may be tax deductible to the contributor.

Why give to the Mount Zirkel Legacy Fund?

Gifts to the Endowment help ensure that RCUW’s much-needed services have a sustainable funding source. A gift to the Mount Zirkel Legacy Fund is an excellent way to create a memorial to a loved one or a legacy for you. Donors who include the Mount Zirkel Legacy Fund in their estate plans will also be honored as part of the Mount Zirkel Legacy Society. Ask us for more information about our current planned giving opportunities.

Should we make gifts to the Endowment instead of the Annual Campaign?

If you donate to the Annual Campaign, we would ask you to continue those gifts – they are critical to our ongoing work. If you can also find a way to give a gift to the Endowment, perhaps as part of your estate planning, this generous act will contribute to our strength and sustainability into the future.

How will the proceeds of the Endowment be used?

Donations to the Endowment by way of bequest, trust, life insurance proceeds or any other arrangements are considered part of the Endowment principal and are restricted from use by RCUW. The earnings of the Endowment will be used to fund operations of RCUW.

How will the donations to the Endowment be invested?

The Endowment invests funds for the long-term to provide annual distributions to be used for general RCUW operations. The Endowment will also grow through the reinvestment of returns in excess of any annual distribution. Currently our funds are managed by Wells Fargo Advisors. Our Fund Investment Policy is available for your review.

When will the Endowment begin making distributions?

Distributions will begin as soon as the Mount Zirkel Legacy Fund reaches $400,000.
What is the goal for the Endowment? Our Endowment goal is $10,000,000. Reaching this goal should allow distributions from the Endowment to provide up to $500,000 to enhance our operations.

What kinds of gifts will the Endowment accept?

In addition to cash gifts, the Endowment can accept gifts of real or personal property, stocks, life insurance proceeds, and certain trusts or annuity contracts, as well as other non-cash gifts. The Endowment may choose to decline a gift that could compromise the ability of the organization to accomplish its goals or that could jeopardize our exempt status. Please ask to see our Gift Acceptance Policy.

How is the Endowment monitored?

The Endowment is under the vigilant stewardship of the Finance Committee that reports to the RCUW Board of Directors. Please ask to see our Fund Investment and Gift Acceptance Policies.