Routt to Work – Program & Volunteering

Routt County United Way leads the fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every Routt County community. We would not be able to continuously make an impact without community support of volunteers, donors, board members, grants, and businesses.

Routt to Work

One of our economic mobility programs is called Routt to Work. The Routt to Work program focuses on engaging the community to empower low-income residents working to acheive their goals of increased stability and a better life through a 3-phase program.

The first phase, Talk It Up, consists of a half-day event that engages the community through educaiton and training around poverty and its impact in Routt County. Education and training is also offered throughout the year to employers and stakeholders.

The second phase, Step It Up, is a 7-week class that begins with a focus on stress management and transitions to teaching a structured goal achievement process. The participants are able to use the process to set small goals in each of the five Aspects of Life (Personal, Financial, Health, Employment/Career, and Family.) The participants then work towards accomplishing these goals and setting more goals. 

Step It Up classes are held on Wednesday evenings and we provide childcare for parents, a warm meal, compensation for time, and transportation. We try to ease the stress of the commitment as much as possible and make the completion of the course feasible.

The third phase, Move It Up, pairs participants with a coach from the community for 10 months. The pairs use the structured goal achievement process participants learned during Step It Up to accomplish larger goals that support increased stability in the participant’s life. Move It Up classes are held on the second Wednesday of each month, during the evening and we again provide childcare for parents, a warm meal, compensation for time, and transportation.

We continue to stay in contact with our participants even after the third phase is completed and we have had numerous participants return to school and graduate, purchase a home, establish a steady career path, and even just continuously tell us how they have become better parents and how they have been able to live a less stressed, happy life thanks to the program.

Thank you to our Volunteers 

During Phase 2 and Phase 3, we provide resources to participants to reduce the stress of the almost one year commitment they are making to our program. One of the resources we provide is a meal on the night of classes for the participants and their children. We are very fortunate to receive inquiries from different businesses and residents in Routt County who want to volunteer and provide a meal. This past Wednesday, the Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties Steamboat team rallied together to create a feast for our participants, who are currently in the beginning stages of the Move It Up phase. They made lasagna, brownies, coffee cake and much much more. We would like to extend a special thank you for supporting our program and helping move the needle!


If you would be interested in providing a meal to our Routt to Work participants or learning more about the program, please email Ali Schrader at or call (970) 879-5605. We curently have classes scheduled the second Wednesday of every month, for the next 8 months and we will begin another Step It Up program in the spring.

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