Self care is critical for YOU to keep helping others!

Dear Partners,

Many of us are being asked to work extended schedules, different shifts or work from home. And many of us are working day and night to care for people living in our communities.

BUT, we also need to take care of ourselves. This is important all the time but perhaps more critical right now. One of my teachers used to say, in caring for ourselves, it might make caring for others a little easier.

Cristen Malia recently shared a helpful tool (a Feeling Wheel), to articulate the complexity of emotions and feelings and shared that we can feel multiple things at the same time. “Fear and Hope, Anxious and Confident, Grounded and Shaken.” She offers that “emotions bring information to help us better understand what we need in the moment. She offers “Ask your self:

  • What am I feeling?
  • What do I need?
  • And then take action – do what you can in the moment to compassionately care for yourself”

This could be a few moments of deep breathing, a short walk around the block or have a cup of hot tea.

While it is apparent that many people and organizations in the community are helping, please remember to take care of your self. This is a marathon and we want to make sure over the next week, we don’t burn out.

After a long day, try some yoga nidra to promote deep rest and relaxation. Cristen will guide you through a 14 minute practice of stages of body scan and breath awareness to help calm the nervous system, leading to less stress and better health (Thank you Cristen for these amazing tools)

Yoga Nidra

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