Tax Credits Available to You

1. All donations to Routt County United Way are tax deductible as allowed by law. You will receive a thank you letter that serves as a receipt for your tax deductible contribution.

2. Enterprise Tax Credit: Donations of $250 or more to Routt County United Way in the name of Routt-to-Work program (Enterprise Zone) will receive 25% tax credit on CO State Income Tax. The Routt-to-Work program is an anti-poverty program that helps people become self-sufficient. 

3. Childcare Tax Credit. Donations made to Routt County United Way designated to a qualified childcare center will receive 50% tax credit on CO State Income Tax. We would be happy to place your Childcare Tax Credit donation to the child care facility in the most need. 

Colorado Childcare Contribution Credit

More Than Half of Your Donation Comes Back to You. Whether or not you have children, you can receive this tax credit!


Help increase the quality and availability of child care in Routt County through the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit (5C). Routt County United Way will designate your donation to the Child Care program with the greatest need for it. 

  • A recommended gift of $1000 or more.
  • Directed to a qualifying program or agency.
  • Eligible for 50% tax credit on state income tax.




Enterprize Zone Credit

Help increase the economic viability of individuals and families in Routt County through the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit.


The Enterprise Zone (EZ) Contribution Tax Credit helps create and retain jobs and promotes nonprofits and community development projects.

  • Minimum Gift of $250 or more.
  • Directed to Routt-to-Work, a Routt County EZ program
  • Eligible for 25% tax credit for cash donations






What is Routt-to-Work?

Routt to Work is a collaboration among Routt County United Way, Routt County Dept of Human Services and LiftUp of Routt County that aims to help individuals and families learn the necessary skills to become self-sufficient. 

Routt to Work envisions a connected, vibrant, healthy, and productive community.

Our mission is to engage the community to empower low-income residents working to achieve their goals of increased stability and a better life.