Youth Success | Helping all of our youth

Routt County fights for the success of every young person in Routt County, enabling our youth to be successful.

We Believe

All at-risk youth in Routt County will receive services.


  • 1 in 5 Routt County High School students (or 22%) reported binge-drinking in the past month*
  • 17% of Routt County High School seniors admit to driving drunk and 20% admitted to driving stoned*
  • 13% of RC HS students seriously considered attempting suicide in the past 12 months*
  • Youth that are involved in extracurricular activities including service and civic engagement are less likely to engage in risky behaviors.  Youth that are engaged in service activities are more likely to be responsible, productive adult citizens.
    *(2012-13 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, Routt County Report)


  • RCUW programs touches 70% of the youth in Routt County
  • More opportunities for youth to be engaged: Oak Creek Recreation Department Teen program, North Routt Charter School, Hayden Totally Kids, more youth with mentors, big growth with Boys & Girls Club, creation of the Routt County Youth Services Coalition
  • More youth with an increased sense of civic engagement and decision making skills.
  • More youth engaged in meaningful activities that teach youth to be productive, engaged adults.

$94,500 FUNDED IN 2018 to programs like Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (RMYC), which engages young people in the outdoors, inspiring them to use their strengths and potential to lead healthy, productive lives. They teach responsibility for self, community and environment through teamwork service and experiential education.


A 17-year-old Routt County youth who has participated for multiple years in RMYC programming, including the Routt Community Crew and Regional Crews, found success through her time with RMYC. Although this young woman grew up in Steamboat Springs, she always felt like an outsider with her peers. She had a few close friends at school however she was bullied by her classmates, some of whom
she used to be close with. When they started to engage more in drugs and alcohol, she drifted apart from them. She stood strongly by her decision not to partake in drugs and alcohol, however struggled with increasing social anxiety over the last few years because of it. She felt like no one understood her, especially when she tried to explain to teachers and school counselors why she struggled so much in
classes where there were peers who have bullied her. Through RMYC’s crew format she was able to immerse herself among a new peer group and learn to be more vulnerable in social situations. RMYC’s crew leaders created a welcoming and inclusive environment and were in tune with the social interactions of the crew. They didn’t tolerate bullying or other exclusive behavior, and this young lady was able to step away from the anxiety she had with her peer group at school.