Early Childhood Education | Getting kids ready for school

Routt County United Way fights for the early education of every child in Routt County, helping ensure that every child is ready for kindergarten.

We believe:

  • All families should have access to adequate childcare
  • All families should have access to sufficient resources to help pay for childcare
  • All children should have access to quality Pre-K experiences.


  • At any given time there are only 40 slots for infant child center care in Routt County for approximately 450 babies. (Family Development Center)
  • 90 to 100% chance of developmental delays when children experience 5 to 6  risk factors. (Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University)


  • RCUW has provided $1.2 million to early childhood education since 2000.
  • Last year 90 at-risk, low income children were able to enroll in early childhood education
  • 97% of 4 year olds in Routt County who are attending early learning programs are ready for Kindergarten (First Impressions of Routt County)


$95,500 FUNDED IN 2018 to programs like Discovery Learning Center, whose mission is to provide quality, accredited early childhood care and education in a supportive environment; that support extends to the children, their families, and their community.


A two-parent household with two preschool age children were like many families struggling to make ends meet. Then the father was diagnosed with some physical and mental illnesses. He lost his ability to drive or help to take care of his children. The family went from two incomes to one, and now has additional stressors. Discovery Learning Center was able to offer the family a substantial Routt County United Way scholarship so that both children are able to attend schooling five daysper week. Both children were developmentally younger than their chronological age when they began preschool, but after a year of attendance, both children have caught up to their peers.

Resources for parents

As the parent of a child 0-8, you want to know about accessible, high-quality and affordable options for childcare and preschool in Routt County. You’d like support in being the best advocate for your child when she or he starts school. And, you want age-specific information on the development and learning that takes place at such a rapid pace in the early years of life. Call the Family Development Center to get a full listing of childcare options in our county.  The Newborn and Child Care Network can be reached at 970-879-5973.  Click on the logos of the organizations below and get easy access to more resources.


Qualistar Colorado Child Care Resource and Referral

agencies offer a free statewide online child care search and referral line just for parents – providing a direct, one-stop source for Colorado families looking for quality child care. It’s quick, easy, and FREE: click here or call 1-877-338-2273 to find child care providers in your area today!

Qualistar offers additional resources to support your growing family »

Department of Human Services/OEC

unnamedColorado Early Learning Guidelines:
The Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines provide practical tips and points of reference that anyone can use to help kids grow.

Print these tip sheets to help you understand more about child development and what you can do to help.