Women United


What We Believe

We are mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, aunts and grandmothers with our own unique abilities, talents, personalities, life experiences, and dreams. When we connect, the power of the individual suddenly becomes an overwhelming and unmistakable force.  

About Women United

We are a dynamic group of philanthropic-oriented women dedicated to giving, advocating, and volunteering for the most vulnerable in our community with a focus on four impact areas:


Steering Committee

Pam Ruehle

Sonia Franzel

Elissa Greene

Jenn Hamann

Becky Hammond

Carrie Hayden

Ellen Kendall

Amanda Lacey

Cathy Maloney

Rianne Marr

Lore Marvin

Nancy Mucklow

Diane Muntean

Kate Nowak

Susi Rowe

Suzy Sayle

Lisa Schlichtman

Pam Williams

Lynn Zinn